Team Angry Burds

Our friend Leanne dragged Michelle out for her first rando race this week. It was the first time on those skinny skis and ankle high boots on a Planards piste that had been watered for the FIS slalom. Well done to them for winning their category. I might let myself be dragged along again to watch more fit girls in lycra racing.

Kilian won the men’s. He tagged the Verte that day from Midi 1st bin and skied Whymper too. Michelle had a similar day sitting on her bum eating cake (carbo loading) at home.

2013-01-08 20.37.18Team Angry Burds crossing the line first.2013-01-08 20.09.58

Kinky Boots. Over a grands worth of Italian Carbon Fibre Porn. Stop moaning how much your freeride kit costs. Not sure what the heal nipple is for.