Pointe D’Orny

The autumn and pre Christmas period was a busy one for me with our trip to New Zealand, high pressure in the Alps and perfect stable snow conditions for exploring. That meant I only had a couple of rest days per month and by the end of the year I touched 180 ski days – hence the reason why my blog was somewhat neglected due to the ease of posting to instagram and facebook!

The day after the PLUM party Vivian Bruchez, Giulia Monego and Dave Searler headed to Pointe d”Orny to ski one of the couloirs. After climbing the couloir we sat and ate lunch in while soaking up the sun on the plateau and taking in the views of the Chardonnet and surrounding peaks. Once again we found a mixture of good cold snow varying from powder to chalk.

Col Passon

The plan was to go ski something steep. Pro skiers Dave Rosenbarger (Ordinary Skier),  Giulia Monego and the real Rock n Roller, Cedric Bernardini made up the team. Cooler temps ruled out the sunny side and new cold snow was unlikely to stick to the cold North side. At Lognan we decided to abandon the idea of going steep and blasted down the corduroy of Pierre et Ric to dump excess kit at the car. Heading up Col Passon we passed about 40 people and enjoyed a descent down the Col Passon where the low angled skiing enabled us to avoid hitting the underlying crud through the dusting. Thanks Guys for a nice day!