Japan has become well known for sidecountry and backcountry powder skiing in recent years and for a good reason. Moisture laden air from the Sea of Japan moves eastwards and is forced up and over the Japanese Alps causing the air to cool and snow to fall. And it dumps there like nothing you’ve ever seen. The Nagano resorts report an average of 600 inches (15m) while the Hokkaido region have reported 1500 inches (38m) in one season which is ten times a good European season!!!

For Europeans, visiting Japan is not just about skiing but a unique cultural experience immersing yourself in the ancient ways and belief, indulging in fresh sushi and relaxing in their natural onsen hot springs.

Travelling in Japan is easy and makes Switzerland look disorganised. For the south island we fly into Tokyo, take the train to Tokyo station and then hop on the Shinkansen Bullet Train and connect to the resort by bus. For Hokkaido either fly to Sapporo or take the new bullet train from Tokyo.

Whether you want fully bespoke personal guiding or groups of up to 6, please email your enquiry rosshewittguiding@yahoo.com


Ross Hewitt Guiding Powder day in the Japanese forestRoss Hewitt Guiding storm riding JapanRoss Hewitt Guiding Michelle enjoying Japanese powder dayRoss Hewitt Guiding blower in JapanRoss Hewitt Guiding snow plastered forest JapanRoss Hewitt Guiding JapanRoss Hewitt Guiding The forested Japanese playgroundRoss Hewitt Guiding gondola JapanRoss Hewitt Guiding cocktails in JapanRoss Hewitt Guiding sushi in JapanRoss Hewitt Guiding snow monkeys in hotspring JapanRoss Hewitt Guiding sushi timeRoss Hewitt Guiding heavy snow in JapanRoss Hewitt Guiding whisky in JapanRoss Hewitt Guiding Japan coffee shopRoss Hewitt Guiding traditional Japanese restaurantRoss Hewitt Guiding Snow monkeys JapanRoss Hewitt Guiding Tokyo railway stationRoss Hewitt Guiding Michelle enjoying Japanese cuisineRoss Hewitt Guiding Japan public baths onsenRoss Hewitt Guiding traditional Japanese dumplingsRoss Hewitt Guiding Japan liquor storeRoss Hewitt Guiding traditional tatami futonRoss Hewitt Guiding traditional Japan restaurantRoss Hewitt Guiding restaurants in JapanRoss Hewitt Guiding Japan storesRoss Hewitt Guiding Heavy snow at Japanese bus stopRoss Hewitt Guiding Japan Bullet Train

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